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From Employee to Entrepreneur – My Journey

When it came time for me to resign from my corporate position, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into it.

For a long time, I viewed work as a means to security, something that I had to do in order to provide for myself and keep my head above water. I would wake up when I had to wake up and get through whatever was on my agenda, but it felt like there was something missing. The academic and corporate worlds that I had become used to had started to wear on me, and the days had started to drag on. Still, there didn’t seem to be an obvious exit available to me. I knew that I wanted to make a move, but I didn’t know where to go.

At work, my position was at a standstill. I wasn’t moving up, and I wasn’t struggling. The days did more than just drag on: they were excruciatingly monotonous. By the time I finally decided to do something to change my situation, I dreaded each new day. I had to get out of the corporate world. There was just no way that I could go on like that. It was deeply uncomfortable and even painful for me to spend so many months in that situation, but looking back, I understand that it served to motivate me to push myself and find a situation that would fit my passions better.

So, I resigned from my position. I gave my notice and resolved to make it on my own. I was following my entrepreneurial spirit for the first time in my life. Do you know what? It felt great. I was impressing myself day in and day out with the research work that I did and learning new things constantly. It was refreshing to me to see that there was another option out there. Pretty soon, I had a plan in motion too: I was opening my own shop.

Were there challenges? Yes, of course. It seemed everything was a challenge early on. There was never a shortage of people on hand to doubt me and to call into question my ideas and my commitment to them. Even my family – who are traditional and corporate by nature – didn’t seem sold on my plans to own and operate my own business. Regardless of what anyone said or thought, I persisted, pushing on toward my dreams.

The fact is this: I have faced many more challenges as an entrepreneur than I ever did as an employee. When something goes wrong, there is no one else to turn to; it falls to me no matter what. For many people, the stresses of entrepreneurship would be too much, but for me, they are rewarding in their own way. Even when I’m facing disappointment, I know that it’s my disappointment – and that because it’s mine, it’s something that I can cherish. The good days, the bad ones, everything in between, I take them in stride knowing that this is my business.

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